What is CTR in Google Adsense?

In the world of Internet marketing, CTR matters a lot to Advertisers as well as to Publishers. Advertisers role is to create ad graphics or sales line, which should get more CTR and publishers role is to place the ad in such a way, which increases the CTR .
I have been seeing people asking about this question in many forums so this post will be helpful for many of my readers who are not aware of what is Click through rate ?
From a Blogger/Publisher point of view, CTR is one of those factors that plays an important role in generating money and retaining the advertisers. If you fail to give enough click, your advertisers will run away. So, let’s dive into the world of CTR and understand what it is.
What is CTR?
CTR stands for Click Though rate. In simple words, it means the number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by the number of times advertisement, ad unit or the page containing advertisement is viewed.
It is the percentage of No of clicks on advertisement and number of page views.
● CTR = Number of clicks / Number of exposures.
● CTR% = Number of clicks * 100 / # of exposures
So in simple words, if you have an ad running and it’s seen by 100 people but got only 5 clicks, your CTR is 5%. Point to be noted here is that higher the percentage of CTR, the better advertisement you will get. So it’s advisable to place advertisements only at the places which are viewable and can be clicked easily.
Now, One of the most common questions is What is Good CTR or I’m getting enough click on my Adsense but my revenue is very low.
Let me cut out the myth about Adsense CTR here, getting too many clicks on Adsense ads will never guarantee good income, the key here is to target ads which give good PPC (Pay Per Click). On such ads, even few clicks will yield more money than 100 clicks.

  • I will be coming up with more topics on Google Adsense to make your AdSense experience better.