How To Change Android Phones IMEI Without Rooting The Phone

Finally, we can now tweak imei without rooting your device. Before proceeding, let me tell you the full meaning of “IMEI” …. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.
Now without wasting time, follow the procedure listed below to change your Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI.
1. Download Mobileuncle Tools‘
2. Install it and Run/Open it
3. Click ‘Engineer Mode’
4. Click ‘Engineer Mode (MTK)’
….Open it and
click on MTK Settings Then wipe your screen to left site to see Connectivity options.
5. Scroll down to CDS Information and tap on it. Now scroll your screen from ‘Right to Left’side
6. Now you should see‘Connectivity as the Option Menu
7. Click ‘CDS Information’
8. Click ‘Radio Information’
9. Now select the sim you wish to change it
IMEI, Note Phone 1 is Sim 1 and Phone 2 is Sim 2
10. As many MTK Device comes with 2sim, theSim 1 is always set default to 3G enable
11. Click ‘Phone 1′
12. Now you should see AT+
13. Now Type ‘EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI’
14. After typing that click ‘SEND AT COMMAND”
15. You should see a Notification message displayed at the bottom of your phone screen, saying AT command is Msend… Now Close everything and restart your phone