Differences Between Nigerian Adsense and UK or US Adsense Account?

Differences Between Nigerian Adsense and UK or US Adsense Account?

Many people mostly Bloggers have been asking this question from me for a while now, have been trying my best to give them accurate and satisfying answers. To avoid more people asking this kind of question, have decided to publish this article. In this article, differences between Nigerian Adsense account and Foreign Adsense account will be discussed.

Their are no much differences between the two, the fact is that how they work is the same. Since it’s the same, i don’t think there should be a reason for using a foreign adsense account in Nigeria. Firstly, what leads to using Foreign Adsense account in Nigeria?

Gone are those days when people get Google Adsense approved quickly and easily, now things have changed. Google’s policy is becoming harder every single day which makes an approved adsense account hard to get.

Here in Nigeria and some other countries, their approval process is strict but we still have some countries that are not having strict approval process. Countries like United Kingdom and United States; If you apply for this two countries, you will get approval 3 times faster and easily than applying for a Nigerian adsense account.

People are now making use of this countries to get approval quickly and easily. But we still have some newbies that just started blogging, they themselves saw that those Foreign countries adsense account is the best option after trying to get a Nigerian adsense account for more than 15 times. This raised lots of questions like what is the implication of using Foreign adsense account in Nigeria? and many more questions.

Without wasting time, let’s quickly check out the differences between Nigerian adsense and Foreign adsense account and the implications of using one.

Frankly speaking, their are no implications involved. This means that you are free to use any Adsense account you want to use without any problem involved.

Their is no much difference between Nigerian Adsense and Foreign accounts, it just the country’s name. As have said before, it is much easy to use UK or U.S adsense account in Nigeria because of the problems invoved when signing up for an hosted or Non-Hosted Nigerian Adsense Account.

Nevertheless, you cannot do without having problems when trying to use a shortcut that is different from what Google declares, though it’s been awhile now since people are making use of this shortcut, i don’t know if it is legal or it complies with Google’s policies, it is also not clear to me if Google is aware of this or they are not, all i know is that they’ve never released statement concerning this issue and their has never been a case of Ban because of using an Adsense account that is different from your country. So, you are free to use any adsense account you want.

Below is the only problem involved that i know of when using a foreign account:

When you are using a foreign adsense account, when the time comes for you to verify your account, you cannot verify it by yourself, you will need the help of someone that leaves in the country that is on your Adsense account.

For instance, if you are using a UK adsense account in Nigeria, you will have to verify your account with the help of someone that leaves in the UK.

This is the most common problem faced by those using foreign adsense account.
Their is a solution to this problem, it has already been mentioned, but i will still go deep into it in one of my next articles.

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