2017 Best Top 5 Indian Techs Blog You Should know

Here are the list of Top 5 Tech Blog site in India, they are also among the World Tops Tech Blog site.

1. Labnol.org by  Amit Agarwal.

An IIT graduate, Amit Agarwal had quit his corporate job to become a professional blogger. By being a professional full-time blogger since 2004, he is also known for being the first professional blogger from India. Mainly focusing on Social Media based technology, this blog also has up-to-date updates on various latest technologies from Google. WordPress, Apple, etc.

2. www.9lessons.info by Srinivas Tamada
This blog is a must-follow for anyone passionate about programming. With this blog, Srinivas does tutorial blog posts on various aspects of programming. Blogger and entrepreneur, Mr. Tamada, invented the new wall script. The topics covered on his blog are Web design, CSS, Ajax, Jquery, etc.

3. ShoutMeLoud.com by Harsh Agrawal
With close to 1 million subscribers, ShoutMe Loud is mainly a blog for bloggers. What started out of passion is now a full-fledged profession for the founder of this blog Harsh Agrawal, who is an engineering graduate by education and a blogger by profession. The blog shares insights, news, updates, and tech tips and tricks for new bloggers who are interested in taking up blogging as a serious hobby or profession.

4. Sprout24.com by  Ankit Prakash

Founder Easy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, a marketing automation platform with artificial intelligence, Ankit Prakash, who blogs at Sprout24 is an entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer. His blog contains posts about anything and everything you need to know about digital marketing. With a simple and elegant look, his blog covers major aspects of digital marketing like Adwords, Webmasters, Email marketing, etc.

5. Techlila.com by Rajesh Namse

Found in 2012, TechLila is a go-to-site for all tech tips and tricks needs. Providing a lot of How-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights, TechLila is like an encyclopedia for latest technological news. Passionate about SEO and blogging, Rajesh Namse has 5 other people contributing to the blog primarily in various roles. This blog also accepts relevant blog posts guest authors.